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Spybot Zaps CJ Sales

Apparently, the immunize function in the latest version of Spybot won’t allow you to open CJ links. This is totally unacceptable. CJ and its advertisers need to fix this problem immediately. Continue Reading →

Google offers big rewards for innovations to “Android” mobile operating system

Google offer $10 million in prizes for innovation to their Android mobile operating system that seeks to compete with mobile operating systems made by Microsoft Corp., Palm Inc., Research In Motion Ltd., and Symbian, which is owned by Nokia Corp. Motorola, Samsung and LG will try to integrate the software into thousands of mobile devices. Another smart move by Google. Shocking. Continue Reading →

80% of US Adults Online

Nearly 8 in 10 US adults now use the internet, accounting for 178 million users nationwide. These users are now spending 11 hours per week on the web. Continue Reading →

Online Ad Spends Expected to Triple by 2010

US online marketing is expended to double by 2010. During that same period, online spending is expected to triple, rising from $16.9 billion to $42 billion. 69 of the top 100 advertisers reduced their spending on traditional media from 2005 to 2006, while 70 of the same top 100 advertisers increased their spending on online ad campaigns during the same period. 2007 ad spending online will be higher than radio. Advertisers will be spending $100 per person to reach people online in 2007 and that number is expected to increase to $200 per person by 2011. Continue Reading →