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Sure Your Resume Looks Great, But Have You Ever Been Fired?

When reading over a potential hire’s resume it is vital that you avoid the mistake of overvaluing experience and undervaluing work ethic and determination. Nearly every resume I have come across has been tailored specifically to the position I was looking to fill. This gave me a great idea of what skills the person thought made them the best candidate for the job, but it often undermined the question I was really looking to have answered: Are you a hard worker? This is a lesson that nearly every company looking to bring in new employees often has to learn the hard way.

As an interviewer it is easy to become infatuated with a candidates GPA and credentials, this can be especially true when looking to hire someone who is either still in college or just graduated. Look beyond the internship or part time job they had as their Dad’s golfing buddy’s assistant and see if they’ve held a job where they had set hours and collected a structured pay check (basically ask if they have had a job where they could actually be fired). As a project manager if I had my choice I would pick a team of hardworking individuals over a team of people selected based solely on their puffed up resume’s any day of the week.