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Time Warner Jacks up Broadband Prices for East Texas Porn Junkies

Time Warner is testing a pilot program in Beaumont, TX that charges overage fees to users who download files in excess of 30GB per month. The move comes in a response to a study that showed that 5% of their users were taking up over 50% of their bandwidth. Some experts say the move is a defensive position to address the potential loss of cable TV subscriptions to internet downloads of TV programs. Continue Reading →

Digital Music Taking Over

Despite the music industries efforts to fight the distribution of music through digital formats such as iTunes, experts predict that digital music will account for 1/3 of total music sales in the US by 2012. Unfortunately, increased digital music purchases will not compensate for decreased CD sales. What this article does not talk about is the increased profit margins that come with digital distribution. Continue Reading →

Buy the Old West on E-Bay

Today an AP article on CNN totes the sale of a small 13-acre hill country town named Albert to an un-named Italian Buyer for $3.8 million. Look out Realtors of America. E-Bay is coming!!! I have some inside information on this deal because I know the seller. He has owned Albert, Texas for quite some time and has been an opportunistic seller for some time now, maintaining the attitude that he loves Albert, Texas but would sell it for the right price. Continue Reading →

Google offers big rewards for innovations to “Android” mobile operating system

Google offer $10 million in prizes for innovation to their Android mobile operating system that seeks to compete with mobile operating systems made by Microsoft Corp., Palm Inc., Research In Motion Ltd., and Symbian, which is owned by Nokia Corp. Motorola, Samsung and LG will try to integrate the software into thousands of mobile devices. Another smart move by Google. Shocking. Continue Reading →

80% of US Adults Online

Nearly 8 in 10 US adults now use the internet, accounting for 178 million users nationwide. These users are now spending 11 hours per week on the web. Continue Reading →

Microsoft purchases 1.6% of Facebook for $240M

On October 25th, Microsoft Corp. paid $240M for a 1.6% stake in Facebook, valuing the young company with less than $200M in annual revenue, at an astonishing $15B, more than 25 times the amount News Corp. paid for outright ownership of MySpace, which has 107.3M subscribers, more than five times Facebook’s subscriber base of 20M. Facebook’s user base increased more than 6% in September while MySpace grew 1% (which actually means they brew at nearly the same pace in terms of actual subscribers). Continue Reading →

Live Chat: Your New Online Salesperson

Park City Utah realtor has live chat box on his website that he attributes $12 million in sales to. Continue Reading →

The hijack-proof truck

Astrata, a black box can be installed in anything that moves.

Can detect when a vehicle veers off course.

Can prevent a vehicle from starting without authorization. Breathalizer, fingerprint. Etc.

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Server Farm, a small server-farm company is operating off 100% solar power.

2,000 square foot building.

Solar panels generate 12 kilowatts

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The Kopy Kat Kids

German company copies successful US companies in Germany.

Alando German ebay. Purchased by real eBay after 5 months for $50 million.

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